So you think you can dance! Top 10 Dance!

First let me address the issue that Nigel was in a funky mood at the start of the evening and was it me or was he especially nit picky with Travis Wall’s choreography because he hinted at it again later in the evening when Tice Diorio’s routine was danced? As most of you who have been watching the show since its inception know Travis is an all-star and an amazing choreographer but Nigel’s problem seemed to be that he couldn’t tell if the routine was contemporary or jazz. It’s not Travis’s problem if he is stupid. One thing that you will notice about the choreographers is that they are somewhat American Idolish, meaning that they create these routines for the dancers but they wait to see what the judges think of the routines and this is important to them the way the American Idol contestants don’t really care what the other judges say, what is important is what does Simon have to say. I think the criticism kind of sucked the air out of Travis’s evening judging by the look on his face every time they panned the camera his way…and usually the judges don’t put down their choreographers work even if the routine wasn’t that great…and this one was actually very good! **To clarify: since the main problem wasn’t the routine but what classification the routine fit into Nigel was really negative about Travis more so than the routine itself.

Most of the dancers were out of their element tonight, but most of them did okay and some really stood out. One thing I keep in mind from past season is that sometimes it’s not the dancers. They have to dance what they are given so even if they dance the routine on point they still get a bad critique. My favorites tonight were Adechike, he danced a very nice contemporary routine with Allison. Ashley who danced with hunky all-star Mark (what a body) did a really good job and I became a fan tonight. Melinda who danced with Ade (He’s a favorite all-star) in a contemporary number was really good. I agree with the judges about Jose, my favorite who danced with Kathryn, he was bad but oh so good. I saw his little hip hop bounce add-ins and he is such a joy to watch it didn’t even matter. Last but not least, my second favorite Kent who danced with another favorite all-star Courtney. He was very good tonight!

It was hard to pick a bottom 3 but since I had to I did…Cristina, Billy (I thought technically he danced the krump very well but the judges don’t seem to understand that he’s a white guy who dances contemporary and he could do no more than he did with this routine. You can’t really make yourself hard if that’s not you. A different person might could have pulled it off better and I thought Billy did a good job. Lauren I’m just sick of…I thought she did a good job on the routine but there is just something kind of phoney about her. There you have it…we’ll see how it turns out on results night!


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