Chris Brown…The infamous Sweetheart!

Let me just say for the record I am a Chris Brown fan from the word GO. Pre Rihanna I have seen Chris on talk shows and having a very good perception of people I will always feel that he is a really sweet guy that was raised right by his mama that had an unfortunate event happen in his life and for some reason the world wants to crucify him for it. I feel if you are a true fan you would have been able to separate the artist from the man. This sentiment applies to radio stations who chose not to play Chris's music and advertisers as well... Case in point…I don’t take the time to do stuff like this often but you can bet when I do it is sincere. I sent Wrigley’s (gum)an email to tell them how much I really enjoyed the commercial featuring Chris Brown. They responded back which was cool. A week later the Rihanna incident happened and the very next day that commercial was pulled off the air. I was so pissed I sent another email not so nice…because advertisers are notorious for this type B.S.

Chris grew up watching his mom’s boyfriend abuse her and that may have had some influence on why he reacted to Rihanna as he did. I also feel that Rihanna was not good for Chris and even baited him a little. Does that give a man the right to put his hand on you? No! but you also shouldn’t taunt him. In any case Chris is not the only entertainer to ever hit a woman but damn I guess everyone decided he was the one they were going to make an example out of because he is still paying for it and apologizing for it. Me, personally I would have stopped apologizing after the first time. I feel it only made things worse to apologize over and over again. Not to say Chris has not been sincere in each apology because I believe he has been but he didn’t do sh*t to John Q public and he who is without sin and all that other good crap. He may be in the public but that happened in his private life which makes it his business.

This brings us to the BET Award show. Was Chris sincere, I think he was and I think his tears were as much for himself as for Michael because I’m sure Chris can identify with the man in the mirror. He’s had a really rough year trying to live down his shame, resurrect his fake a** fans and recoup his fantastic career. *I think Chris is a beautiful person and I also believe that what does not kill us will make us stronger. Chris had his public release when he broke down at the Award show and hopefully he can move on now and if you’re a true fan you will support him in this endeavor.

For this article I found two really good videos…no not Chris performing…one is a recap of the BET awards and one is some words for Chris. I found them both interesting and entertaining and thought I would share!


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