Welcome to Miami…LeBron James!

This seems to have been the most important decision made this year…apparently….LeBron James has made a decision…he’s going to Miami! Now I’m not a basketball fan but I know who the mega players are because their names are household words…and since my son is a sports fanatic (a staunch Chicago Bulls fan) he explained all of the finer points to me about being a free agent.

I’m flattered as all get out and wildly excited in spite of myself about this decision because I’m next door to Miami and the Miami Heat is a magnificent team. Not a news report got by this week that did not rehash this story. This is really big! You know how serious people take their sports. Now if you had asked me before the decision was made if I thought LeBron would come to Miami I would have said I don’t think so because why would you want to be second fiddle to Dwayne Wade but it turns out it’s not about that because all three of these guys "Dwayne Wade", “LeBron James” and “Chris Bosh” will be stars on this team.

On a final note I want to say that Cleveland did not fully appreciate LeBron otherwise they would not talk so badly about him because of his decision. I understand the anger because he was good for the economy of the state however, even though they don’t agree with his decision they should wish him well and keep the b.s. to the media to a minimum. You know what they say about burning bridges. I can’t figure out why New York and Chicago is so pissed because they were bidding for the man like everyone else and the best team won so they haven’t lost anything.

All these guys have a lot of money…but human nature is a greedy thing, so what does it say about your team members when they are willing to accept less money to make it happen…LeBron James in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!

*07/12/10 – Just in is the fact that Jesse Jackson will be weighing in on the LeBron James matter with an opinion. Sometimes people like this should just keep their mouth closed and leave peoples business alone (this is a Reggae song you know). He’ll blow this so out of proportion making it bigger than it has to be. Anything to keep his name in the news!!!

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