…and People who stop in the crosswalk are my two biggest pet peeves while driving in traffic. Call it a space issue. I just know that whether it’s my personal self, my car or even my living space there is an implied comfort zone and if people traverse this area they are violating my space. Now for most people this is not a big deal but for me it literally makes me anxious and I cannot relax until the violation has been rectified.

If I’m driving in my car I tend to leave plenty of room in front of me so if the person behind me pulls up too close I can move up. Some people are so irritating if I pull up they pull up. I make eye contact with them in the rearview and some people get it but others have recognized that them being on my ass is a problem for me so they set out to intentionally exacerbate and even go so far as to let me know that they know it bothers me. These people I feel if only for a moment something akin to hatred. Two things that tailgaters never take into consideration are the if something happens to my car and they must go around me they must wait for everyone behind them to backup so they can backup and go around me and if they are tailgating while driving they do not know what is going on in front of me so that if I have to brake suddenly they could hit me in the rear. Now while I’m one of those people that believe that if you hit someone in the rear the accident is always your fault. If you were tailgating it’s definitely your fault. *Besides there is a law against it and when the police feel really enterprising they actually cite people for it. The charge is a misdemeanor reckless driving charge if cited.

The crosswalk issue is especially irritating because that area has been specially designed to make people feel safe while crossing the street. In the state where I live pedestrians having the right of way is simply an old law on the books and my advice would be to not trust that this is true because people either don’t care or they’re not paying attention to their driving and sadly pedestrians are hit quite often. A lot of times you will hear it said on the news they were not crossing the street at the crosswalk. I don’t think this would make a difference but the crosswalk is their area for walking so we should respect it as such. Almost on a daily basis I see people stop in the crosswalk at the light when the school kids are getting out and some of the more work conscientious crossing guards will make them back up out of the crosswalk but in an effort to keep our kids safe should make more of an effort to not stop there in the first place.

Running in and out of Love!

…why is it so hard for another person to believe that you can actually fall in love with them the first time you meet or at least feel love for them and if someone feels this way about another should they express it?

Yes it is possible for a person to feel this way about another because I’ve been there, done that. It’s not like you will be shattered if this person walks away tomorrow but the feeling of loss and what might have been will be there. That love thing is like a planted seed. The moment you meet and spend time with this person, you’re attracted to them, you like the way you feel when you’re with them, conversation comes easy, you can talk about anything, you’re comfortable so by the end of your time together you’re hanging on that persons every word. You can’t stop thinking about them once you part. So maybe you go out a couple more times that week and you have this overwhelming urge to say how you feel. You can tell this person likes you too but you also know their feelings may not be as strong as yours and that’s ok because you don’t need them to be. You just need them to be wanting to walk down this road with you and see where it goes. So you tell them how you feel. Now it’s up to you how much you are willing to reveal depending on how much you need to. You can say I love you, you can say I’m starting to care about you; you can say I like you a lot. Just put it out there and see what happens. Don’t wait for a reciprocal answer because you don’t need one and you’re not looking for one because this is about what you feel. Now if you get a response and he or she says I feel the same about you or something to that affect. You will know it was worth it to put it on the line like that.

On the other hand let’s say the person doesn’t say anything, it could be your first awkward moment or maybe you two just move on like you didn’t say anything. One of two things could be happening. He or she may feel that you've put them on the spot although that wasn’t the affect you were going for and don’t really know what to say or maybe they are not sure how they feel. This is what I find usually happens, he either doesn’t call again or if he does call it's to tell me he thinks we should see other people. I find that men feel that if you say you love them you want something from them. I do want something, to spend time with them to get to know them and see where it takes us. If you have kids they may think you want a daddy from them.

The meaning for me in all this is:
At this moment in time I love you! If you want to be loved and give this a chance it will grow. If you walk away tomorrow I will feel the loss of your essence but…I will survive. I ask nothing in return but if you leave the door open and explore with me you may or may not feel the same. If it works out fine, if not I wish you well.

Again this is how you feel now. As you get to know this person you may find out things that may change those feelings. It doesn’t make them any less real. I can’t speak for women because I don’t date them but men don’t be so quick to turn tail and run. Now the burning question, If this happens do I look back with regret and wish that I had not told him how I feel. NEVER! I like to express how I feel in words and with affection and I wouldn’t change how I am for anyone.

Survivor…Heroes Tribe….Can they get any more stupid!

...Survivor is all about strategy. Now some could say that Russell is a very good strategist. The same could be said for Parvati. I’ll give them credit but I think it’s more because the Heroes have played such an atrocious game. Every guess they have made as to what is going on the villain tribe has been wrong and have you every seen anything like JT giving the idol to the enemy, with a love letter no less. That not only gave the villains a chuckle but I think everybody at home was having a good laugh as well. That was even worse that James going home in Survivor China with two idols and we didn’t think anything could top that! Sandra can’t figure out which side of the fence she wants to play on so she keeps straddling the fence which will be her downfall. Actually I wanted her gone several episodes ago. Candace is a stone cold traitor and is too stupid to know that Russell will not let her get anywhere near the top 3.

My only regrets are James and Boston Rob. James although misguided in his thinking was a good guy and Boston Rob was just hot and I loved listening to him….and I think he was a good guy too! I would rather he was running the villains instead of Russell. Oh Well!

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