Hell’s Kitchen Premiere!

I have been a fan of this show since it premiered in 2005 and have not missed an episode. Last night’s season opener was as mad and engrossing as ever, new twists, finishing a dinner service on the first night and sending almost half of the staff to the dorms in the middle of service.

Do you ever get the impression when you hear the chef’s talking smack right out the gate that they have not watched past seasons of the show? They all come with the attitude that they are the best and of course chef Ramsay has to shatter that dream during the “signature dish test”.

Autumn and Mikey became two of my fast favorites. Autumn I liked because she has a take charge attitude but she wasn’t overbearing and Mikey because he’s different with the weird hair and tattoos but I think he has the talent. I didn’t agree with the choice to send Stacey home, I thought it should have been Fran.


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